WELCOME TO THE NEW DAROWYN WEBSITE. This is Dave Boothroyd's showcase
WELCOME TO THE NEW DAROWYN WEBSITE. This is Dave Boothroyd's showcase


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Bought as an unfinished project, this Yamaha 350YPVS F2, is fitted with a tank and seat from a Yamaha FZR 600. Front and rear wheels and suspension are from an RGV 250 Suzuki. Exhausts are stainless road pipes from Kenny at Two Stroke Addicts.

Modern electrics and electronics are fitted throughout, and it's tuned for rideability, not for the race track.






My very first bike was this 1956 Tiger Cub. Bought from Kings of Oxford in Leeds. I would have preferred a Ducati, but I needed the help of my Granny to be able to afford the £18.00 for this bike. It's big attraction was that it had a rev counter. It was only after my Dad got it going that we discovered that it also had a hot cam and a high compression piston. Perfect bike for a learner!








I inherited this Francis Barnett Seagull 250 from Bill Westwood, my mother's cousin. It was in worn but running condition. I stripped it down, ans stored it in a sail bag (the frame is bolted togetther in classic FB style). It was in that bag for thirty years until I retired and had time to rebuild it. The rebuild is covered fully in the first chapter of my book. I think cousin Bill would have been pleased with the way it turned out.